CCA Committee Updates

CCA Transportation Committee

Committee Chair Elliott Plack

The CCA Transportation Committee helps Canton residents improve their quality of life—namely, parking and getting to and from work and other areas. We also review "Multi-Modal Transportation Solutions," ideas that incorporate multiple methods of transportation to calm traffic patterns, alleviate congestion, and increase parking options.

The committee expanded its footprint to become the Southeast Transportation Coalition, a group of people from many southeast neighborhoods united on transportation and transit issues that transect our neighborhood. The CCA-TC is still a body, but our meetings are combined to maximize efficiency. We're working on the vision as of the last meeting and will have a list of items to pursue by the next one.

In June news the committee reports a 35-mile off-street trail network for walking, biking, and strolling is in the works for the Southeast Corridor of Baltimore City! For details about the Baltimore Greenway Trails Coalition, visit

The committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Broom Factory at 3500 Boston Street. For more info, email

CCA Public Safety Committee Update

Committee Chair Joe Koehler

The CCA recently established a Public Safety Committee to develop short- and long-term initiatives to improve public safety in our community, including emergency preparedness, fire/EMS, and crime. As part of the plan, the committee hosts monthly COP Walks (Citizens on Patrol) during which neighbors meet with local BPD officers with the goal of improving neighborhood visibility and promoting safety in Canton.

Committee Chair Joe Koehler tells us that the February Walk had about 30 residents and 3 dogs in attendance, the most they've ever had! He hopes to see the number increase each month.

The Committee partners with the Southeast Public Safety Task Force, Major Hood, and the CitiWatch Partnership to increase the number of registered security cameras, both residential and commercial, in Canton. To register a camera, visit

Every home and commercial property should be equipped with exterior lighting on all sides that are exposed to streets and alleys. Lighting increases safer places for pedestrians and aids to decrease break-ins and robberies.

The committee is looking for community members to join the team to help lead projects or to become block captains to increase communication among neighbors and help create safer and cleaner environments in our neighborhood. It would be idea to have an individual who oversees each quadrant. To date, we have Chris Broughton covering the northeast and James McChristy covering the northwest. We still need two people to champion in the southeast and southwest zones.

The Public Safety committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of The Broom Factory Building, 3500 Boston St., #225. All are welcome! For more information on the Canton COP Walks, or to join the CCA Public Safety Committee, contact Joe Koehler at

CCA EDC Update

Committee Chair Doug Kaufman

The Canton Community Association’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) works with the Baltimore City Department of Planning to support reasonable, scalable development in Canton that is in compliance with its guidelines. The EDC also monitors and, when necessary, intervenes on behalf of the community with respect to pending liquor license transfers and renewals and applications for live entertainment and outdoor seating conditional use permits. The EDC meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of The Broom Factory Building, 3500 Boston St., #225. All are welcome. Any questions or comments should be directed to the new EDC Chair, Doug Kaufman, at

In June news the EDC is set to review the conditional use request for R&R at the Lighthouse Point pool for live entertainment and discuss the potential conversion of the Believe in Tomorrow building to a boutique hotel.

CCA Arts Committee

Committee Chair Ania Milo Swann

The CCA Arts Committee’s mission is to enrich our community via discovering, supporting and promoting local artists. This month the committee continues to grow its membership and build relationships with local businesses, supporters and collaborators. Our Facebook page,, has lots of new followers and is becoming an effective source for sharing information with artists. Recently, we posted several "calls for artists" for various events. We are planning a "meet and greet" for our artists and we are developing a workshop that will provide guidance on preparing various technical documents like how to write an Artist Statement. Come get creative! To join, email