Volunteer Committee

We're a group of fun, reliable, and generally awesome CCA members who volunteer from time to time to help run events in the neighborhood as well as participate in various neighborhood beautification endeavors.

As opportunities arise—for examples, festivals, weekly Can Company summer events, Dog Park and O'Donnell Square clean-up efforts, etc.—the Volunteer Coordinator will send out emails asking who might be available to help out as needed. A CCA “Volunteer of the Year” is awarded each year to the individual that provided the most support throughout the year.
There are many neighbors who are already in the CCA Volunteer database and who have been a tremendous help, but we can always use more. If you would like to receive these emails or have more questions about what volunteering might entail, please send your full name, phone number, street address and email address to volunteer@cantoncommunity.org. The bigger the list of volunteers we have, the greater the chance the CCA has to bring fun events to the area, making Canton an ever better place to live!

Committee Chair: Amanda Bourgeois
Email: volunteer@cantoncommunity.org

Economic Development Committee

The Canton Community Association’s Economic Development Committee (the “EDC”) works with the Baltimore City Department of Planning to support reasonable, scalable development in Canton that is in compliance with its guidelines. The EDC also monitors and, when necessary, intervenes on behalf of the community with respect to pending liquor license transfers and renewals and applications for live entertainment and outdoor seating conditional use permits.

Need more info? Read our FAQs.

Useful Links:

Committee Chair: Douglas Kaufman
Committee Email Address: edc@cantoncommunity.org
Committee Meeting Schedule: Monthly

Second Monday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the CCA conference room on the 2nd floor of the Broom Factory Building, 3500 Boston Street.

Friends of Canton Dog Park

Friends of Canton Dog Park is an off leash fenced park with plenty of room for dogs to run, located at Toone and Clinton streets. Adult dogs must be neutered. The park is maintained by volunteers. Users are asked to clean up after their dogs and chip in on clean up days.

Committee Chair: Jayne Miller

O'Donnell Square Stewards

The Stewards conduct periodic clean-ups, upgrading of landscaping, and other beautification efforts for O’Donnell Square Park. We coordinate with the city for cleanups and events in the park.

Committee Members: James Hamilton, Amanda Bourgeois & Torbin Green
Meeting Schedule: Bi-Monthly
Email: volunteer@cantoncommunity.org, outreach@cantoncommunity.org


Education Committee

The purpose of the CCA Education Committee is to make the parents of children aware of the different educational options for their children in the neighborhood. Our hope is to have an annual "education fair"-type event where the leaders/administrators of the local schools/programs would come together to share the information on their schools. We believe there are many educational options in the neighborhood that new parents are not aware of.

Committee Chair: Adrienne Ekas-Mueting
Email: education@cantoncommunity.org

Transportation Committee

The mission of the CCA Transportation Committee (CCA-TC) is to better the lives of residents of Canton, the southeast, and greater Baltimore through transit and transportation improvements. We seek to make our neighborhood and city safer, inclusive to all demographics, and accessible to all ages and income levels by improving and expanding public transit infrastructure and alternative modes of transportation.

CCA-TC, as an arm of the CCA Board of Directors, works directly with the public, elected officials, and Baltimore City Departments of Transportation and Planning (DOT & DP) staff to advance our community priorities. We recognize the consequential impacts on the environment, neighborhood character, and quality of life transportation policies affect and actively advocate for a variety of intelligent, long-term transportation investments in our beloved community.

CCA-TC is actively working with local leaders on the expansion of the Baltimore Greenway Trails Network, traffic calming and multimodal improvements along the Boston Street corridor, and quick implementation of Bike & Scooter sharing services in our community. We also partner with other neighborhood associations to enhance pedestrian safety at O'Donnell Square Park, Canton Waterfront Park, and Patterson Park.

Committee Chair: Elliott Plack
Email: transportation@cantoncommunity.org

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee promotes the mission and activities of the CCA. We make sure that the neighborhood is informed and updated so everyone can get the most out of life in Canton. The committee oversees all communications from the CCA to neighbors, including emails, social media, flyers, brochures, and some sweet, sweet swag!

Committee Chairs: Valerie Kent and Sarah Quackenbush
Meeting Schedule: As needed
Email: marketing@cantoncommunity.org

Public Safety Committee
The CCA established the Public Safety Committee to develop short- and long-term initiatives to improve safety in our community, including emergency preparedness, fire/EMS, and crime.

The committee is always looking for volunteers who are committed to working with our neighbors and local authorities to identify, examine and address Canton’s public safety issues. 

Committee Chair: Joe Koehler
Meeting Schedule: Monthly

Second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of The Broom Factory Building, 3500 Boston St., #225. All current CCA members are welcome!
Email: publicsafety@cantoncommunity.org

Arts Committee  
The CCA has created a new Arts Committee to enrich our community via
discovering, supporting and promoting local artists. The mission includes
creating community art events and workshops, hosting fundraisers to support
neighborhood beautification projects, and organizing an annual arts

Come get creative with us! Artists of all genres - professional or hobbyists
art lovers, and anyone else interested in using your imagination, making
new friends, and having fun please contact us to join the Canton Arts
Committee today. 

Committee Chair: Ania Milo Swann
Email: Cantonarts@cantoncommunity.org