Five Good Reasons You Should Join the CCA

1) To feel good about being involved. Everyone plays a part in the community in which they live. The CCA can help you play a stronger part by educating you on candidates running for office, fundraising for things like the Canton branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, sharing when the latest community clean-ups are taking place, or even filling your social calendar with fun community events.

2) To get answers. The CCA is here to help with everything from when trash days are to how to contact your elected officials to upcoming proposed developments in the area. As your community voice, we're in the know and look forward to sharing vital community information with you.

3) To make a difference. Good things don’t just happen. People make them happen. As a member of the CCA, you can learn about a variety of volunteer opportunities that enable you to share your time and talent with the neighborhood. The Dog Park, Dypski Park and the Canton Branch Library are just a couple examples of endeavors the CCA has supported.

4) To be represented. In order to effectively accomplish our goals and serve as a voice for the community, we need to have representation from across our community.

5) To network. The CCA is comprised of neighbors of all ages and walks of life. Get to know people in your community through events and meetings.