This expedited process is intended to be used for eligible applications in three situations: (i) when the hearing on the application is scheduled to take place before the next EDC meeting, (ii) when the agenda for the next EDC meeting is already full, or (iii) when there are no other matters on the agenda for the next EDC meeting.

In one of these situations, the EDC Chair will send the Board via email a copy of the plans for the proposed project along with confirmation that the application is eligible for fast track approval. Upon receipt of approval of a majority of the Board members, the EDC Chair will be authorized to send a letter of support to BMZA no sooner than 72 hours prior to the hearing date/time. If any notice of opposition is received after CCA approval but before the letter is sent, the letter of support will be withheld pending consideration of the application at an EDC meeting.

To be eligible for fast track approval, an application must meet the following requirements in all material respects:

•No loss of any off-street parking spaces.

•No new curb cut.

•No “bump outs”, i.e. front additions that do not align with the front building line of adjoining buildings.

•No vinyl or comparable siding-like material on exterior finish.

•Brick front exterior.

•Exterior materials (rear and, if applicable, side) are of neutral color.

•Roof deck (if any) is set back at least 10 feet from front edge of roof.

•No access structures to roof decks or “Dog Houses”.

•No variance from applicable height limitations.

•Confirmation that property has been posted for at least three weeks before hearing date.

•Confirmation that personal and/or written notice has been given to immediate neighbors at least two weeks before hearing date.

•No notice of opposition from any neighbors.

•Agreement to plant a tree in front of the house if possible and if one does not presently


•Agreement to minimize the adverse impact of the project on adjacent neighbors during


DT (7/22/19)