CCA Public Meeting
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The meeting started at 7:00PM at the United Evangelical Church. Mark Edelson, President, introduced himself saying that this is his first meeting as President. He thanked everyone for attending.

Mark announced that all future meetings will begin at 6:30PM.
Mark introduced the 2018 CCA Board Election Results.
The CCA Public Safety Committee is a new committee that will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30PM. The committee is looking for volunteers and is currently working on long and short-term initiatives.
Amanda Bourgeois announced Light Night Canton. Light Night Canton coincides with Light City Baltimore and is a free event that will take place April 21 st from 6-10PM on the Square. Please contact Amanda if you would like to volunteer.
The Mayor’s Spring Clean-Up is April 28 th . Community members are encouraged to clean their blocks and alleyways. Cleaning supplies will be available at the Square.
The Canton Easter Egg Hunt is April 1 st in the Square.
Mark announced that the CCA monthly newsletter will begin being sent out via email in mid-April.

Presentations – Mark:

Vidu Shani – Representative from Councilman Zeke Cohen:
Vidu announced that the robbery unit is being moved to SE Baltimore in our district. There will also be six new officers on foot in Canton starting soon. Lastly, the summer youth employment program “Youth Works” has 8,000 spots available. 15,000 youths will be looking for jobs this summer and the program will pay each youth worker minimum wage.

Andrew Bing – MTA Local Link 63/TradePoint Atlantic:
Andrew Bing discussed the Local Link 63 line. The new line which has been operating for a month is in the bottom 5th of ridership but that number is estimated to go up as jobs increase at TradePoint Atlantic. The new alignment was decided to run along Eastern Ave. instead of Boston St. because after GIS analysis, it was determined that Eastern has a greater population and more crowded buses.

Kevin Gillogly – Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods Liaison:
Kevin announced the Mayor’s Spring Clean-Up day which is on April 28 th . Kevin also gave a brief update on the March for our Lives event in Washington, DC this past weekend. 1,500-2,000 students went to DC from Baltimore. Transportation to the event was paid for by generous donations. No city funds were used.

Francine Hyman – SOAR Financial Counselor:
Francine discussed assistance for Homeowners’ and Renters’ tax credits.

Scott Richmond – Friends of Patterson Park:
Scott introduced himself and the Friends of Patterson Park. The Friends of Patterson Park is a non-profit member organization that promotes, protects, and advocates for Patterson Park. Scott announced that the new lighting project to fix all the light poles in the park is underway. New poles will be installed with aluminum wires to deter theft. New trashcans are also coming to the park soon. For more information, visit


Upcoming CCA and Partner Events:
SEPD CRC –1 st Monday of the month @ 7:00PM (SE District)
CCA Board Meetings – 1 st Tuesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory
Light Night Canton – Saturday, April 21 st from 6-10PM
Mayor’s Spring Clean-Up – Saturday, April 28 th from 9AM – 1PM
EDC – 2 nd Monday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory
Transportation Committee – 3 rd Wednesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory
Public Safety Committee – 2 nd Wednesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory
Public Meetings @ 6:30PM – May 22, Sept. 25 and Nov. 27
The meeting ended at 7:50PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lindsey Brown