CCA Public Meeting Minutes from January 2018.

CCA Public Meeting

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


The meeting started at 7:10PM at the United Evangelical Church.  Doug Kaufman, President, introduced himself saying this is his last meeting as President.  He thanked everyone for attending tonight.

Members of the Board will be elected tonight with forms being distributed.  At the February Board meeting, election of officers will take place.

Doug said the Canton Community Association, a 501(c)(3) organization, is membership driven and comprised of volunteers.  The funding is derived from dues and donations.  The CCA is always in need of volunteers.  Hats, tee-shirts, etc. with logos are sold at 2910 On The Square. 

Doug thanked the Rev. Cathy Oatman for use of the church tonight.  She passed out information about the First Fridays “Holy Happy Hour!” at the Knotty Pine, 801 S. Conkling Street from 3-7PM.



John Ross, President of the Exchange Club of Highlandtown-Canton, spoke about this club which started in 1929.  They donate money to help make the community stronger, donate toys at Christmas and have a scholarship fund.  The members meet on Wednesdays at Claddagh’s on the Square to learn more about the community and to exchange ideas.  The club also has an annual golf tournament.  They are currently selling tickets for “Taste of Our Community” with various area restaurants participating.  Literature is available.

Darryl Jurkiewicz spoke about the annual Canton Memories put on by the Friends of the Canton Library.  This will be held on Saturday, Feb. 17 in the Dnipro Ukrainian Club on O’Donnell Street near the library.  Former Senator Barbara Mikulski and retired Loyola University Sociology Professor Antonia Keane will attend with Jayne Miller (WBAL-TV and CCA Board member) moderating.   The discussion will be on the Impact and Influence of Women on Southeast Baltimore’s Grassroots Efforts and Politics Then and Now.  Light refreshments will be served.  Information will be posted on the Friends website.

Faviola Donato-Galindo, Sr. External Affairs, Baltimore City, BG&E was introduced and handles BGE concerns.

Kevin Gillogly, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods, spoke for a few minutes.  He passed out fliers for Baltimore Day in Annapolis February 7 from 6-8PM.  Transportation will be provided with pickup from DuBurns Arena/Canton Water Park.  Those wanting to attend should RSVP by calling 410-396-4735 or email: MAYOR.EVENTRSVP@BALTIMORECITY.GOV.  He also passed out a flier on the 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay & Oratory Contest.

Doug spoke to Major Clinedinst who advises that packages not be delivered to homes if no one will be there to get them.  There are a few places in Canton that can handle this.  Anyone who has police concerns especially video can email:


Upcoming Topics:

The Canton Waterfront Master Plan is led by Recs & Parks.  The CCA will have a seat on this plan.

The new MTA bus schedules go into effect Sunday, February 4, and will be available to everyone.  Since there is nothing to present, no one from the MTA is in attendance tonight.  We can try to have the MTA present at a future meeting to talk about TransitLink and the Southeast.

The CCA has been involved in discussion of 1000 S. Linwood Avenue, site of Snap-On Tools.  A recent rezoning was done for Baltimore City.  This area was rezoned to C1 (lowest density but up to 60’).  The CCA tried to fight this.  It will now be a five-story development with parking, offices and retail. 


Upcoming Topics:

Another development is at 1000 S. Conkling Street. This mixed-use plan has not been shared yet.  When it is available, the CCA will share it.

Dan Tracy is Chairman of the Economic Development Committee (EDC).

The St. Patrick’s Day events include a Bar Crawl on Saturday, March 3.  A new law went into effect concerning bar crawls.  The CCA is beginning to work with Councilman Zeke Cohen’s office on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The next event is Friday and Saturday, March 16 & 17.  It will be the same as last year and is governed by an MOU.

Doug thanked Matt Lasinski from Southern Provisions for the food tonight.  Matt is the liaison between the CCA and the Square. He said there are family-type events being planned this spring and summer to try to get people back to the Square.  Some of the money made will go to the CCA for the beautification of the Square. 

The next CCA Happy Hour is February 21 at Lee’s Pint & Shell on Linwood Avenue and Hudson Street from 4-8PM.  Rob Peck passed out fliers.


Light Night Canton, Saturday, April 21, 6-10PM

The event is in conjunction with the City Light Night.  Torbin Green and Amanda Bourgeois said the 2017 event held at Dypski Park was amazing with a lot of children present.  They hope to make this a bigger event this year and will hope to have help from businesses and volunteers.


Presentations – Doug:


Kevin Kamenetz – Baltimore County Executive and Democrat:

Since we are a non-profit organization, we cannot support those running for office.  However, we do give them the opportunity to speak at our meetings.  Mr.Kamenetz feels we need a Governor who is bold.  He spoke about education, mass transit and economic development saying he has always tried to be an advocate for the City.  He spoke against Governor Larry Hogan killing the Red Line, and instead the Governor put money into rural roads.  He said we also need someone to stand up to Trump.  There were questions regarding the original plan for the Lottery back in 1974 and education. He feels his track record is one of getting things done.


2017 CCA Volunteers of the Year – Doug:

The 2016 recipient was Ms. Joi.  In 2017 the CCA is recognized two people – Alex Gebhart and Courtney Glancy.  The CCA was rebranded this past summer with a new website.  Alex and Courtney donated a lot of their time to do this.


Board Elections – Doug:

Each term is two years.  Those up for election:  Denise Aversa, Amanda Bourgeois, Alex Coleman, Adrienne Ekas-Mueting, Sean Flanagan, Jayne Miller, Dan Tracy.  Since current Board member, Mark Larkin, is very busy with Coppermine, Michael Woollen is in his place.  Those in attendance introduced themselves with the exception of Alex, Sean and Jayne who could not be present.  Those in the middle of their terms are:

Mark Edelson, Torbin Green, Rev. Jim Hamilton, Judy Howe, Doug Kaufman, Valerie Kent, Matt Lasinski, Rob Peck and Sarah Quackenbush.


Audubon Center in Patterson Park – Susie Creamer:

Susie spoke briefly saying this organization is part of the National Audubon Society   It is focused on protecting birds.  She passed out literature.  There is a workshop on Wednesday, January 24 at the SE Anchor Library.

Their website is:


Harris Creek Park Update from Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore & Cityscape – Carmera Thomas:

Camera spoke about the process involving grants and design.  She had boards available with options and stayed after the meeting to discuss.  Asking for our feedback, information will be sent so it can be posted to our website. Their websites are:, and


Polystyrene Ban – Alex Walinskas & Keelin Reilly:

Literature was passed out on this.  The bill is still in the works in the City Council.  Councilman Cohen would like our opinions.  There are environmental reasons for this ban although with the fear of financial hardships.

Waivers are an option.  Someone asked if grocery stores can still sell these products; yes they can at least for awhile.  The hearing is Feb. 5.  The CCA Board can probably take this up at the Feb. 6 meeting.  Comments can be sent to


Upcoming CCA & Partner Events:

  • SEPD CRC –1st Monday of the month (SE District)
  • CCA Board Meetings – 1st Tuesday of the month – Broom Factory
  • EDC – 2nd Monday of the month – Broom Factory
  • Public Meetings – March 20, May 22, Sept. 25 and Nov. 27
  • O’Donnell Square Brick Installation – Spring 2018

Doug said this is his last meeting as President which has been mostly a joy with a great opportunity. He thanked everyone.

The meeting ended at 8:30PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Aversa