Marking History in Canton

Canton resident Dr. Raymond Bahr is championing a campaign to place historic interpretive markers throughout Canton to share its rich and often buried history.

The Canton Community Association recently approved two markers. One, featuring the Railroad Transfer Bridge, will be at the base of Canton Waterfront Park. The second, honoring the launch of the Frigate Constellation, will be displayed in the small circular park across from St. Casimir Church.

Dr. Bahr says, “The Canton History Project is interested in ‘daylighting’ the rich history of the Canton Industrial Revolution that started in the area in 1828 and continued for almost 200 years. Canton's birthday will be coming up in the year 2028, and we should be prepared for this with festivities!”

He adds, “It is important that businesses in Canton be aware and proud of this history. It is one of the reasons why patrons come into the Canton area. Supporting this cause is what we like to see from businesses at this time.”

Each marker costs $5,000. To sponsor this project, donations can be made through the CCA to the Interpretive Marker Fund. To donate, make checks payable to Canton Historical Society and mail to: CCA, PO Box #5125, Baltimore, MD 21224.

The next Interpretive Historic Marker will document the Canton Market (O'Donnell Square) that began in 1859. If you would like to learn more about the ongoing marker program, email Dr. Bahr at