Dypski Park Renovation Update

Will Andersen, Design Planner/ Landscape Architect at Office of Capital Development and Planning, Baltimore City’s Department of Recreation and Parks, presented an update for the new Dypski Park design at the CCA public meeting on September 25, 2018. The latest design proposal for the park, located at 1225 S. Ellwood Street, features a new playground including two shade pavilions, a decorative fountain, perimeter fence, bench seating, picnic tables and shade tree plantings with seeded lawn areas. Here is a summary of the information.

Proposed New Features (see rendering)

  • Two shade pavilions (24’ x 16’)

  • Two modular play structures (children ages 5 to 12)

  • Existing modular play structure to remain (children ages 5 to 12)

  • New 4 belts swings and 4 bucket swings

  • New 48” height perimeter chain link fence

  • New 48” height ornamental fence along S. Ellwood Ave.

  • New saucer swing for children and adults (can hold up to 4 to 5 small children or adult with 2 children)

  • New rubber safety surface

  • New artificial turf safety surface

  • New 10’ wide concrete loop walk

  • 10+ new single-seat benches

  • New decorative fountain

  • New BGE electrical service with receptacles for decorative fountain (set on automatic timer), City permit use (i.e. – movie nights, community events, market day), and future park lights


The large historic market pavilion (50’ x 60’) currently at Dypski Park will be relocated. BCRP will only consider installing it in large open public parks due to its size, intended use to host public markets and/or large gatherings, and appropriate size parking lot or available street parking. The new location has yet to be determined, although some local residents are suggesting Patterson Park.


The landscaping will be limited to shade trees and seeded lawn. Shrubs, perennials, and tall grasses will require a maintenance agreement between Friends of Dypski Park or Friends of O’Donnell Square Park and BCRP prior to installing the plants. Further discussion is planned between the CCA Board and BCRP.

Fountain History/Details

In 2016, the proposed park design to install a new splash pad was revised to provide a more elaborate playground with a decorative fountain. In 2017, Baltimore City’s health department determined the proposed fountain must be a non-interactive fountain (no wading), since there are no restrooms in the park. Thus, the new proposed design has no standing water on the surface. Water will seep through stones set over a fiberglass grate. It also has an ultraviolet light attached to the water pump to kill bacteria, but will not have a chlorinated water filtering system. Fountain Craft and BCRP have designed the decorative fountain’s ground surface with 6” to 8” round / smooth stones to discourage walking to meet the non-interactive fountain design requirement.

A resident questioned if the fountain is designed to be not accessible to children (or adults), why is the fountain being installed? Rec and Parks can remove the proposed fountain from the project with approval by the CCA Board and/or our department. The fountain was included as a compromise since the original park design intent was to install a new splash pad. This is currently under review of the CCA board.

Contributing Parties

Several parties are involved in the planning of the new park design: Canton Community Association, CHAP, BCRP, Fountain Craft, and Playground Specialists representing Playworld.

Design & Construction Schedule

  • Complete construction plans and advertise the project: Fall 2018

  • Submit building permit application: Winter 2018

  • Estimated start of construction: Mid to Late Spring 2019

  • Estimated construction completion: Spring 2020

Any questions concerning this project should be directed to Will Andersen at BCRP at 410.396.7948 or William.Andersen@baltimorecity.gov.