CCA Public Meeting Minutes 5 21 2019

CCA Public Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The meeting started at 6:35PM at the United Evangelical Church.   Mark Edelson, President, introduced himself as President and said it is an honor to serve.  He welcomed everyone.  As per tradition, he asked that if anyone was here for the first time, to please introduce themselves.  There were five new people, among them a woman from South Africa.

Mark thanked Southern Provisions for the food tonight.  Also, he thanked Rev. Cathy Oatman, United Evangelical Church, for use of the hall.


Moment of Silence for Janet Caslow – Torbin Green:
Torbin spoke of Janet who was the Baltimore City Rec and Parks Volunteer Coordinator.  She helped with the O’Donnel Square cleanups.  He said this is a great loss.

O’Donnell Square Park Update – Torbin Green:
The upkeep of the park is done the second Saturday of the month through October.  Volunteers weed and plant usually from 11A-1P.  The businesses usually get involved. There is a Facebook page.

Someone asked about the Bulletin Board.  Torbin said he has the only key.  If there is something to be posted, please email him.  Mark praised Torbin for being a “Weed Warrior”.

There is a free concert series on the third Fridays through September.  This is a family-friendly event with the restaurants having seating outside.

Someone asked if BGE was done their work yet.  Mark said he gets updates from them.  He mentioned having a BGE representative at the August 20 Public meeting.

Canton Library – Morgan Stanton:
Morgan said there is a lot going on at the Canton branch on O’Donnell Street.  Children as well as adults are encouraged to join the Summer Challenge.  This can be done in person or online.  There will be a lot of prizes. There are ongoing children’s programs.  Yoga will be back in June, July and August.

Some upcoming Library events:  

Cheers for Beers – Monday, June 3 at 6:30PM – there will be a program at the library about craft beers presented by Stephen Demczuk of Raven Beer.  This will be followed by a tasting at Southern Provisions.  Registration is required – call 410-396-8548 or email

Shut Up and Write – Thursday, June 6 at 6:30PM – this is happening all over the country figuring the best way to write is to be with other people.

Woodstock and the 1960’s – Saturday, June 29 at 2PM – there will be a slide-illustrated talk present by photographer Denny Lynch who was at the 1969 festival.    

Team 46 Delegate Update – Brooke Lierman and Robbyn Lewis:
Delegate Lierman said it was good to see a lot of people here and said she loves to represent us.  She recently attended the Highlandtown meeting where there were a lot of people as well.  She passed out a flier about her Fifth Annual Community Picnic in the Park on Saturday, June 2 from 2-4P at Patterson Park.  To RSVP, she can be reached at

She passed out her 2019 End of Session Report.  Realizing that the City is in a bad spot now, part of her job is to tell the State delegates outside the City about the good things going on here.  Brooke said there are  state-of-the-art schools opening.  She is on the Appropriations Committee.  The City is more dependent on funds than other areas of the State.  The committee can cut the budget; however, they cannot add to it.

CCA Public Meeting

Tuesday, May 21,

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Team 46 Delegate Update – Brooke Lierman and Robbyn Lewis:
Brooke said former Mayor Catherine Pugh’s requests were not included.  One big thing is the Consent Decree. Money was included for modern technology upgrades at the Baltimore City Police Department.  Funding for schools was a big issue as well as environmental issues.  For transportation she said there is needed a regional plan.  She urged people to get involved in the Regional Transit Plan –  There were meetings in May.  

Maryland is the first state to ban polystyrene foam food containers and cups.

Robbyn Lewis spoke saying she is a public health person and as a delegate works on policy issues.

One bill passed that creates a way to help enroll people in health insurance by checking a box on your taxes. If one doesn’t have health insurance, someone will contact them.  

She also works on public transportation issues being approached about improving the MTA services.  Robbyn wants the MTA and DOT (Department of Transportation) to work together and to improve bike services.

Someone asked about a constitutional amendment to protect reproductive issues.  It wasn’t pushed although Robbyn said she is working on these things.

Robbyn said to please reach out to her –  and Brooke -

Public Safety – Joe Koehler:
Joe mentioned this is the one-year anniversary of doing COP (Citizens on Patrol) walks.  There is one Wednesday, May 22 starting at Smaltimore on Fait Avenue covering the northeast section of Canton.  

This is combined with Stoop Night.  The walks are a way to get out crime summaries and educate folks.  It’s also a chance to point out 311 issues with fliers being available.

Councilman Zeke Cohen holds monthly Public Safety Task Force meetings.  The last one dealt with the Consent Decree which was very informative.  He said someone involved may be able to attend the August 20 CCA meeting.  

A big initiative is to have lights on around Canton and more security cameras.  Joe wants to bring back the Block Captain program having a spread sheet of all the blocks and houses.  This information would note the number of lights and/or cameras on the block, the name of the Block Captain and any issues related to that block.  He said Patterson Park is organized by quadrants.  Linwood Avenue would be the east/west area with Eastern Avenue being the northern boundary and the waterfront the southern boundary.

Michelle Lee handles Community Impact Statements.  She thanked the CCA for inviting her to speak tonight.   She said these statements do make a difference.  They are done after someone is arrested.  She encourages people who are victims of crime to make a statement since they are read and filed.  If someone wants to remain anonymous, that is fine.

SE District Police Department – Joe:
Detective Gregory Parker spoke for a few minutes.  He is with the Bike Patrol Unit.  This is his first meeting here in this area.  Detective Parker said there isn’t a lot of violent crime here in Canton.  He reminded us that security cameras are very important.

Wolf Security (blue uniforms) has a presence here in Canton.

CCA Public Meeting

Tuesday, May 21,

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Civic Works – April Cuse:
April handed out two fliers.  One on Home Energy and the other Free Career Training.  Since 1993 Civic Works wants to help folks become more energy efficient.  The cost of an audit depends on income.  Someone brought up the point about solar panels not really working here in Canton since most houses have flat roofs.  She said in that case not as many panels would be used.  A consultation would help in that regard.

ALS Association Fundraiser – Johnathan Gulston:
Johnathan made information available on the Baltimore Walk to Defeat ALS on September 29 at the Canton Waterfront Park.  He said money goes to research and to help those with ALS.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Dr. Kip Imperato (Veterinarian):
Dr. Kip was here in February.  He is still not open although he hopes to be by September.  He said he loves this area.  Handouts were available.  He is located in the Can Company near Chipotle’s.  He said this is an ambitious project with surgery.  Dr. Kip is very concerned about the welfare of animals and wants to set his hospital apart from others.

Arcane Tattoo Parlor and Art Studio – Savannah Sedlock:
Savannah is opening a place on O’Donnell Street near Zina’s (2832).  Savannah wants to embrace Canton and do fundraisers.  They already have art classes for children.  Amanda said they are already helping with the Saturday cleanups.  

Port of Baltimore – Robert Summers, Ph.D.:
Bob is with the EcoLogix Group.  He is here tonight to talk about the Port of Baltimore passing out fliers.  One is about employment with the other discussing the Port’s mission, National Port Rankings, Economic Benefits and the Commitment to Our Neighbors.  

He goes to community meetings asking folks about their concerns.  The official name is the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore.  Bob said the Port is the largest one in the country for small trucks.  The Port exports more than it imports.  He said a big concern is about tonnage in and out of China.

(At this point Robbyn Lewis spoke.  See page 2 Team 46 Delegate Update – Brooke Lierman and Robbyn Lewis)

Capital News Service – Dan Novak:
Dan came to our February meeting.  They partner with the Baltimore Sun and are involved with the Baltimore Climate and Health Project wanting to understand how climate change affects the health of people in Baltimore.  Now that the weather is getting hot, they want to see how this affects people especially those with asthma.  Temperature sensors have been put into homes of volunteers.  Dan said they appreciate our help.

Mark asked who is getting the newsletter.  If anyone has questions or concerns, to please see him or other Board members.

Mark recognized Dr. Ray Bahr who is involved with historical markers here in Canton.  

The various committees at the bottom of the agenda were pointed out with Mark asking folks to join a committee.

CCA Public Meeting

Tuesday, May 21,

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Upcoming CCA & Partner Events:

Southeast Police Dept. (CRC) – 1st Monday of the month @7:00PM (SE District)

   This is an opportunity to meet other community folks

CCA Board Meetings – 1st Wednesday of the month @6:30PM – Broom Factory (No December meeting) –             All are welcome

Economic Development Committee (EDC) – 2nd Monday of the month @6:30PM – Broom Factory

Public Safety Committee – 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory

COP (Citizens on Patrol) Walks – 3rd Tuesday of the month (different starting points) @7:00PM 

O’Donnell Square Cleanups – starting in March every second Saturday of the month Next Public Meeting – Tuesday, August 20, 2019 @ 6:30PM – doors open at 6PM

The meeting ended at 8:15PM 

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Aversa