CCA Public Safety Committee Update

We asked Joe Kohler, CCA Public Safety Committee Chair, to give us an update on what’s happening.

New BPD Commander

The CCA congratulates Major Tomecha Brown who was promoted to Executive Commander of the Southeast District of the BPD. (Look for a Q&A to follow in a future edition of Life in Canton.)

Canton Public Safety

Members are encouraged to join the Canton Public Safety: Canton Watch and COP Walks Facebook Group at

Light Up Canton

Light Up Canton is the name of a new initiative to help make our community safer by increasing lighting throughout our neighborhood. Goals include assisting community members with the purchase and installation of LED light bulbs and providing incentives for blocks to be competitive with one another. We will also be reminding folks to turn on lights during hours when it is dark, and assisting homeowners who do not have electric access to outside lighting in getting solar lights. We also want to identify darker blocks so we can make recommendations to DPW and DOT about where to update street lights with LED bulbs.

O’Donnell Square Lighting Upgrade

The electric and lighting updates to O’Donnell Square are complete. Please see the details in the Neighborhood News section of the February Life in Canton.

COP Walks

COP Walks will continue in 2019. The next one will be Thursday, February 21, 2019, featuring the northeast quadrant. The walk will start and end at O'Donnell's Pub located at 531 S. Potomac Street at 7:00 p.m. People are welcome to hang out before and after.

Joint Taskforce

We will be working closely with other surrounding communities' public safety committees and local police to identify criminals in the area and share best practices. Arch McKown of Patterson Park has created a new group, the Southeast Public Safety Task Force, to achieve safety initiatives across the whole district.