CCA Board Election Results

The CCA held their annual Board Elections on Tuesday, February 19. Here are the results:

Mark Edelson — President

Amanda Bourgeious — Vice President & Volunteer Chair

Torbin Green — Outreach Chair

Doug Kaufman — Economic Development Chair

Valerie Kent — Marketing Co-Chair

Sarah Quackenbush — Marketing Co-Chair

Joe Koehler (new) — Public Safety Chair

Ian Toman (new) — Treasurer

Laura London (new) — Social Chair

Maura Taylor (new)

Matt Lasinski — (COTS)

Jim Hamilton — (CSHA)

Board terms are for 2 years, and members attend monthly meetings the first Wednesday of each month, except December.

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the many CCA committees please reach out to We’re happy to answer any questions regarding our committees, processes, and what a volunteering commitment would mean.