Volunteerism: Making a Difference in our Community

Good things don’t just happen. People make them happen. And one of those people is Canton Community Association Vice President and Volunteer Committee Chair Amanda Bourgeois. Here’s some feedback from our chat with Amanda.

What did the CCA Volunteer Committee accomplish in 2018?

  • Expanded the volunteer database by 10 people

  • Named the 2017 Volunteers of the Year (Courtney Glancy & Alex Gebhart for their tireless efforts to rebrand the CCA)

  • Selected Volunteer of the Year for 2018 (To be announced at the February 2019 public meeting)

How did the community help or respond?

People are reaching out and showing interest, but in order to accomplish our goals in 2019, we will need a little more hands-on involvement.*

What are some of the committee goals for 2019?

  • Expand the volunteer database

  • Add more regular volunteers for the Stewards of O’Donnell Square Park

  • Add volunteer members to all the CCA committees

  • Utilize volunteer registration/sign up software to make it easier to schedule and track participation

Is there anything else you'd like our community to know?

Just that it takes a village and we need more committee volunteers. Also that when joining a committee, volunteers are just committing to the monthly meetings. They do not have to take on or agree to more than they can handle.

The CCA has a variety of volunteer opportunities that enables neighbors to share their time and talent with the community. This month we’d love to see some fresh faces join our committees – especially our Public Safety and our new Arts committee. We could also really use some help with the winter maintenance of O’Donnell Square Park. If you have a teen with a strong back who could use some service hours, or if you’d like to participate yourself, please contact Amanda at volunteer@cantoncommunity.org or via our website at www.cantoncommunity.org/volunteer/.

Along with volunteering with the CCA, here are some other ways to participate in and around our community.

*Amanda is too humble to say so, but this writer wants you to know that currently the CCA Volunteer Committee is a group of one. We are very grateful to the 2 or 3 people who consistently answer the call when she reaches out and their schedules allow, but in truth, we’d love to see Amanda get some help on the regular. Even if you just have an hour or two, that works. And, thanks in advance! We love meeting new neighbors and it would rock to have you on board.