Walking the Neighborhood Beat

Want to get some exercise, meet your neighbors, learn about public safety, and create a more close-knit community? Join the monthly Canton COP Walk (COP stands for Citizens on Patrol), held the third Tuesday of each month.

Officers from the Southeast District will lead the monthly group walks with the goal of improving neighborhood visibility and promoting safety in Canton. Residents and business owners are encouraged to attend the walks, during which officers will provide updates on crime and discuss preventive measures. COP Walks provide residents the opportunity to note and/or report things that could be public safety issues, such as street light outages, obstructed alleys, and broken pavement. 
Joe Koehler, Chairman of the CCA Public Safety Committee, says “We encourage people to join us or talk to us and the officers. Bring your strollers, your dogs, and friends.”
The neighborhood has been divided into quadrants on the district map, and each walk will tour a different route. Hudson Street and Linwood are the axes, with Eastern as the northern border, Conkling as the eastern border, Chester as the western border, and the water to the south. 

The next route will most likely be the Northeast Quadrant. The walk will start at Cardinal Tavern at the intersection of Hudson and Clinton Streets and end at Lee's Pint and Shell at 2944 Hudson Street. The tour will pass by The Chasseur, Pig & Rooster Smokehouse, and O'Donnell's Pub before heading east to Linwood and south back to Hudson.
Along with Koehler and CCA president Mark Edelson, members of the Baltimore Police Department actively participate in the COP Walks. Major George Clinedinst, the Commanding Officer of the Southeastern District, has joined in the past, along with several other officers, including Captain Brown and Officer Torres.

“We hope that the walks will increase in popularity each month and will help residents to become more safety-conscious and involved in the community,” says Koehler.

For more information on the Canton COP Walks, or to join the CCA Public Safety Committee, contact Joe Koehler at joekoehler10@gmail.com. To participate in a discussion about the COP Walks visit the official event on Facebook.

The next COP Walk is scheduled for June 19 at 7:00 p.m.

The next CCA Public Safety Committee meeting will be held Wednesday, June 13. The committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of The Broom Factory Building, 3500 Boston St., #225. All are welcome!