CCA Public Meeting Minutes

CCA Public Meeting

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The meeting started at 6:40PM at the United Evangelical Church. Mark Edelson, President, introduced himself and welcomed everyone. He thanked Homeslyce for the food tonight and the Rev. Cathy Oatman for use of the hall.

He asked those attending for the first time to introduce themselves:

Ania Milo, who is heading a new Arts Committee asked if there are any artists in the room, to please see her.

Jessica Kavanaugh with Vet Links; Morgan Stanton, new Canton Library Branch Manager; Matt Achhammer, Community Liaison with the Liquor Board; Shannon Conway, Mayor’s Office; Taylor Jenkins and Daniel Bright, Baltimore Immigrant and Refugee Food Festival; Julie Kichline, CCA Marketing Committee.


Mark said the newsletter started about five months ago. In order to receive it via email, you must be a member of the CCA ($10 membership fee). Julie Kichline works on this along with the CCA Marketing Committee.

There is a Farmer’s Market every Wednesday at the Canton Waterfront until the end of October.

Presentations – Mark:

Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison – Shannon Conway

Shannon spoke for a few minutes saying she has fliers on Security Cameras, the 2020 Census Community Workshop and the Mayor’s News Roundup available. She can be reached at, 410-396-4735.

Baltimore Liquor Board Community Liaison – Matt Achhamer:

Matt is our connector with the Liquor Board. He went over his presentation regarding the Liquor Board’s Mission, Divisions of the Board, License Types and Community Involvement. Matt encouraged folks to call 311 for common issues. However, for drugs, gambling, prostitution or loitering, call 911. He can be reached at, 410-396-4377.

Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show October 3 - 9 – Julie Kichline:

Julie passed out information saying Baltimore is only one of seven chosen to host these events.

The website is She also said they are looking for volunteers. The Welcome Ceremony is Wednesday, October 3 from 5-6PM at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater.

Canton Branch Library Manager – Morgan Stanton:

Morgan talked about the Canton location being historic and the oldest in the City. The library went through four years of renovation with computers and wi-fi. He said they are now fine free. There are automatic renewals (unless a book is on hold). Books can be ordered from other libraries, even from another state if necessary. He spoke highly about the Children’s Librarian, Lisa Bintrim.

He made available information on upcoming programs saying they want to build up the adult programs.

There is a Ceasefire Meditation on Saturday, November 3 at 11AM at the Church on the Square. He also wants to attract teens and understands there are not too many teens in the area.

Morgan wants the Canton branch to be indispensable. Ms Joi commented that she when she needed help one day using the computer, she was given assistance. She also mentioned that maybe something along the line of video games would be good for teens. Mark pointed out that Ms. Joi was voted the #1 Volunteer here in Canton.

Thread Volunteer and Student Enrollment Manager – Arshia Sethi:

Arshia gave out information on this program where 100% of young people continue to be enrolled in Thread for ten years, no matter what. They are looking for volunteers to sign up for an upcoming session or to be a Thread volunteer. She can be reached at

Baltimore Immigrant and Refugee Food Festival – Taylor Jenkins and Daniel Bright:

Taylor and Daniel passed out information on this being held Sunday, October 14 from 12-5PM at the Canton Waterfront Park. There will be music and food from various countries. Tickets can be purchased: @Immigrant FoodFest.

VetLinks – Jessica Kavanaugh:

Jessica spoke about this organization,, her late husband helped start. She spoke about the staggering statistics regarding suicides; also the toll on caregivers and children. There is a fundraiser at Southern Provisions on Wednesday, November 7.

CitiWatch Program – Maura Taylor:

Maura said there is a SE Public Safety Task Force. She made available information on signing up camera locations on Baltimore’s new Citiwatch Community Partnership database project. Mark asked if there is funding for cameras. However, there is none in Baltimore City.

Coppin State – Nursing Students – Jessica and Dnae:

They spoke briefly about a health assessment and passed out surveys asking if folks could fill out and return to them by the end of the meeting.

Historical Markers – Dr. Ray Bahr:

Dr. Bahr passed out information about the Frigate Constellation Successful Launch in 1797 from Harris Creek here in Canton.

Dypski Park Update – Will Anderson, Baltimore Recs and Parks:

Will gave a presentation on the playground improvements saying these are the final plans. Will thanked the CCA for having him give a presentation and has been here at prior meetings. He mentioned his colleague, Kate Grower.

The wading pool will be removed since it is not supported by the City. The existing Pavilion will be moved.

Will showed the proposed playground with an overall view from Ellwood Avenue. The turf will be artificial.

The timeline is:

Plan/Advertising – Fall 2018

Start Construction – Mid to Late Spring 2019 (9-12 months)

Estimated Completion – Spring 2020

The park will be shut down during construction. He also showed floor materials. The fountains will have to say “no wading”. Someone mentioned concern about children being attracted to the water fountains and being tempted to touch the water. There was a question about where to put the Pavilion. Darryl mentioned many historic structures having been torn down here in Canton.

Mark suggested further discussion at a Board meeting.

Upcoming CCA & Partner Events:

Mark said there is a lot going on here in Canton:

Southeast Police Dept. Community Relations Committee – 1st Monday of the month @ 7:00PM (SE District)

CCA Board Meetings – 1st Tuesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory

Economic Development Committee – 2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory

Transportation Committee – 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory

Public Safety Committee – 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 6:30PM – Broom Factory

(Mark said there are a lot of short and long-term initiatives)

COP (Citizens on Patrol) Walks – 3rd Tuesday of the month (different starting points)

Public Meetings @ 6:30PM – Nov. 27

The meeting ended at 8:20PM