Two Rivers Park

Canton's first green-space pocket park!

The "official debut" of the park came on the afternoon of September 16th, 2006, when as part of the 6th Annual James W. Rouse Community Service Day, folks from Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse (SBER) joined the community to install the benches, plant the trees, plants, and other foliage.

We'd like to thank the good folks at SBER, specifically, Kate McShane-Oeming, Lincoln Harberger, Jo Ann Stallings, Steve Hulse, William Schaller, Julia Craighill (among many), as well as Jennifer Morgan and Mary Porter from Baltimore City's Department of Recreation & Parks!

Mark Royja, Chair

Where is it, what's the story behind it, and what's with the name, Two Rivers Park?

For many years, the area bordering the S. Potomac and Hudson Streets included a nice, public park (managed by Baltimore City's Department of Recreation & Parks).  After many years of neglect as recently as 2003, the City considered selling the land to a developer who would in turn build houses on the land.  The CCA, behind the leadership of Randy Capone (concerned citizen and CCA Block Captain at that time) worked together with our City and State officials to save the land and raise money to improve the space, saving it once and for all for the good citizens of Baltimore. 

The park is located at the intersection of S. Potomac and Hudson Streets -- just south of the intersection.  Technically speaking, the address is 902 S. Potomac and/or 903 S. Curley Street. 

The name derives from the famous rivers of the same name -- the Hudson and Potomac Rivers.  The previous name of the park was the Hudson-Potomac Park.  We think Two Rivers Park is catchier, more appropriate name.

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