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CCA Website – Parking & Transportation Update 2015

The Canton Community Association has worked very hard in recent years to increase parking here in Canton. Along with attending various meetings over the years, the CCA sent a recommendation to the City asking that certain No Parking signs be removed and a few bus stops eliminated. This was taken into consideration by the City and where feasible executed.

The CCA backed the idea of angle parking. The organization has helped broker various meetings over the years on this issue.

This group has encouraged people to consider Zip Cars when a second car may not be needed.

The CCA has met at times with the Parking Authority: Contact info:

Comments from Councilman Jim’s Kraft’s Office

The parking and transportation issues in Canton continue to evolve, given the continuous development and changes to the neighborhood.  The main focus right now is along the Aliceanna/Boston Street corridor to improve the flow of traffic in and out of the City during rush hour. There are also studies looking at Canton Crossing and how to move people in and out more easily.

MTA Changes

BNIP (Bus Network Improvement Project) was started to develop a plan for updating and improving MTA's bus service.  BNIP is a key component of a larger effort called the Transit Modernization Program (TMP) which is working to modernize the entire MTA transit system throughout the state. 

Changes were implemented in February.  The one affecting Canton is the #11 line.  Instead of going direct from Canton to Towson and vice versa, it will require riders to transfer in the downtown area.  Riders using this from the downtown area can get it along Pratt Street.  The new 31 line (State Center Metro Station to CCBC Dundalk) was created that combined both the downtown to Canton Crossing segment of the 11 and the Boston St. to Dundalk Ave. segment of the 20. This new line, called the 31, will operate between State Center Metro Station and CCBC Dundalk on 30-minute headways on weekdays during the day and 45-minute headways on weekends.

Angle Parking

After conducting numerous meetings since December 13, 2010, the Workgroup for the Southeast Complete Streets Plan, coordinated by Mark R. Brown, City Planner with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation prepared its report.

As a consequence of this report, Councilman Kraft has directed the Department of Transportation to commence implementing the recommendations in this report for the installation of angled parking on all streets in Canton that qualify.

On January 23, 2013, First District Councilman Jim Kraft, vice chair of the City Council’s Land Use and Transportation Committee, voted to repeal the Area 43 residential permit parking area surrounding the Can Company and to place a five-year moratorium on the creation of new permit parking zones in Canton: specifically the area bordered to the north by Eastern Ave., the east by S. Haven St., the south by Boston St. and the west by S. Patterson Park Ave.

For the full text of a statement from Councilman Kraft regarding Area 43, see attached.


Zipcar ( is scouting locations for a future expansion various City neighborhoods.  For those not familiar with Zipcar, it is an easy to use, hourly car rental service which allows you to reserve cars online and access shared vehicles right in your neighborhood. While Hertz and Enterprise are oriented towards long distances and long rental periods, Zipcar was created for shorter trips in half hour increments, and the service can also serve as a substitute for car ownership.

 Zipcar locations typical require 2 parking spaces per “node”. These spaces are where members pick up and drop off vehicles. We understand that each and every parking space is valuable, however, increasing shared vehicle use is key to reducing parking demand in your neighborhood.

There are concerns about dedicating several parking spaces to Zipcar.  However, these spaces should be thought of as an investment which will pay off through reduced car ownership, reduced parking demand, and less time spent trying to find a space when you get home from work or school.  

Questions about Zipcar and possibly establishing one or more Zipcar locations in the Canton area can be directed to


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