Canton Dog Park


What is a dog park?

A dog park is fenced area where dogs can run off leash and socialize in a safe and secure area. A dog park provides a place for people and dogs to relax, exercise and socialize.

Park Features

1) Open space where dogs can run and play in a legal “off-leash” area;

2) A double gated perimeter fence, divided into two sections: one for large dogs, and one for smaller or older dogs;

3) Shade, nearby parking, routine maintenance, and a notice board for dog park rules and related information.

4) Water source outside the park for drinking.

5) Bags (donated by park users) for scooping the poop.

Dog Park Rules

Click here to view our rules in PDF format: CANTON DOG PARK RULES

How to Apply for a Pet License in Baltimore City


The park is open from dusk to dawn

Contact us

Or by mail:

Canton Community Association- Canton Dog Park
P.O. Box 5125
Baltimore, MD 21224




All donations are tax deductible, the Canton Community Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Friends of Canton Dog Park (FCDP) is the committee within the CCA that maintains the park, it is an all volunteer organization.  All donations to help us maintain the park are welcome and greatly appreciated.  We also encourge those that live in Canton to become members of the CCA.  

Dog Park Donations

We appreciate any and all donations to the park.  It is an all volunteer effort. Thank you for your support!